I don't have HBO and I have never watched Game of Thrones.  Nor do I have any interest in it.  But this Jon Snow guy whose photo I saw on Tumblr made me want to draw a face, starting with a dark background.  This is an approach I am not too familiar with, so of course I drew slowly -- even more than usual.
My husband called the results "sinister".
Paper and Pencil by 53.


vera siqueira said...

Est-ce que vous donnez des lessons de dessin?
Je voudrais bien apprendre à dessiner, je dessine um peu et
j'admire beaucoup votre style.
Qu'est-ce que vous me conseillez?
À tout à l'heure.

Anonymous said...

Goodness! I knew who it was immediately! I knew before you finished the nose. LOL! Jon is one of my favorite characters. The brow makes him look sinister. :)