Before I opened my big mouth during today's faculty meeting, I sketched for 10 minutes or so.  Improvising your support and drawing when time is (very) limited are two topics that I tackle in my book Sketch
In this case: the back of a photocopy we got.  
I love the dark that the Mont Blanc ink can achieve.  


George Bondurant said...

My first part of advice is NOT to do it for them. Maybe that is obvious, but I still see a lot of training tasks or projects which clearly had so much parent taking part as to not be the child’s own work. They do not really learn anything well that way. Give them room to make mistakes and to not do perfect work - that’s the best way for them to learn not only what the outlooks of their teacher(s) are, but also what is most useful for them to get to that result - on their own!
Of course, there are many dependencies in the vital answer - skill level, preferred or necessary skill level, learning styles, whether the task is a stretch task that they might need more help with or just a practice or recurrence of a little they should have already learned. All those should be taken into account in determining how much help to give and how to give it.
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