A couple of weeks ago, I started toying with the new pressure feature of Pencil by Fifty-Three. It allows for broad pencil strokes -- like the ones "hidden" behind the cross-hatching on Lisa's Schnauzer. It allows to cover ground while still keeping the paper texture -- and as always with Paper, while keeping things simple. 


I have no time to draw. It's the end of the marking period at my school, the quarter grades are due, the usual preparation of lesson plans and grading of papers is my daily norm -- and that's only my pay job.  But I am no busier than anybody else. I go to bed, exhausted, a couple of hours after I put my daughter to bed, and I want to draw. So I grab the old iPad,  take 20 minutes out of my sleep schedule, and sketch the best thing in sight: our kitty Peaches. 

You may be feeling overwhelmed too. But there's always a minute to drop it all and just sketch. Keep this possibility at arm's reach. Always.

Paper app for the iPad. 


Seven years ago -- was it for her birthday? -- I had drawn a little portion of Nakano-Ku for my sister. This year I am drawing Nakano-Ku for her again, hoping to bring back good memories of when she lived there. Sharpie pen on postcard.
Here is the 2007 drawing, done with a Pilot pen: 


Maybe we were in a celebratory mood, but this weekend, I had lobster. 
The Huffington Post reviewed my book Sketch!
And that made me happy.