Last night I attended a talk at Kutztown University by Danny Gregory. As if I had not been inspired by his books enough, I retained some crucial information:
That Vincent Van Gogh produced thousands of drawings and hundreds of paintings in the last few years of his short life, that mistakes are our teachers, and that I should draw more of my food. 
And I met some really neat people. 

For more on how much I have been impacted by Danny Gregory's work, check out this little book of mine: 


Unknown said...

I was there too! By the way, I have checked out your book too! I'm really enjoying it....thanks for writing it!

Madame Van Stone said...

Hahaha! Thank you! Did we meet afterward by any chance??!

Alice Jo Webb said...

I've been a fan of Danny Gregory since I read "Creative License." What a fun thing to get to attend a lecture! Jealous.

I just read your book "Sketch!" this weekend. Loved it. Thanks for the inspiration. I put a shout out to it on my blog this morning.

Inge Leonora said...

I read about this book 'SKETCH'. I was thinking about writing such a book too. But now you wrote it, there's no need to write it anymore.
So I want to ask you: can I translate your book into Dutch?