I explore things by kicks. I had a gorilla kick, a dog kick (or several, throughout the years), a kitty kick -- and while this may be a bird kick starting, it looks as though I am more or less on a color kick. I want to see what I can do with color. I am so used to dealing with everything in black and white, using lines to convey stuff that color is a bit disarming. But I haven't learned so much about color than since I have been using the Paper app.



Anonymous said...

Okay, this has to stop or I will be drawing realistic birds any minute now! Then what will happen to my Berds?

I'm on the brink of searching for a stylus, firing up the iPad and . . . either being intimidated or distracted forced to use Paper 53 again, waiting for your next drawing. :)

Beautiful drawings and dynamic colors!

Madame Van Stone said...

Thank you, Limner!