... that I've ever drawn.



Anonymous said...

This bird was the first one I shot and sent to the ornithology society! Well it is, if this guy could be described as wearing a black mask, implies its prey on barbed wire or thorns after a kill, and looks rather innocent perched on a fence. I know the proper name but CRS strikes again.

Your drawings awaken my sleeping guilt. I have not used Paper in at least a year. I just finished scanning a drawing done in pencil, on paper. :)

If that's your first bird, I hope to see all that follow. I love birds. And chickens. I enjoy your drawings, your skills, your dedication to Paper. :)

Madame Van Stone said...

Chickens... there's an idea :-)
Thank you for suggesting this!

Laura said...

Wow. Seriously? Freaking hell, I admire the heck outta you. Just watched the FB live video of sketchy portrait from last year. Love your work. You always make the subject look better, more interesting in your drawings. Which I think art should do. Thanks for inspiring me to pick up a pencil again.