Sometimes, or rather, often, I am unhappy with what comes out on my sketchbook. "Did I just do that?" Yep. I just did. Two pages of it, today. I switched from my fountain pen to my Faber-Castell Pitt pen, but that didn't yield much improvement. 
Last night, I did this. I have so many thoughts about the newest version of the Paper app by Fifty-Three, I wouldn't know where to start. But I am using it regardless. I think something has been lost but whatever. 


It's not often I see one of these in a coupe. 
I don't like starting a car with pencil, so I dive right in with a pen -- it's not always accurate but I prefer less confident lines to frank, clean ones sometimes. Not sure why. 

Pigma Micron 08 and watercolor in watercolor Moleskine.


When I am home in the evening and I don't want to end the day not having drawn something, I draw the first thing in sight, come what may. Last night, I wasn't shooting for a masterpiece, but rather for ease of movement, and an eye-hand-support reconciliation. The first thing in sight was my kitty lying next to me, moving around too much for me to get a full sketch out of her -- but whatever. My hand moved, my eyes observed and the support, albeit digital, did what it was supposed to do. So it wasn't perfect. But I drew. 


Peaches has not punctured an Aerobed® yet. She was lying on one last night and things went ok. 
On another note, I have drawn like crap today. This little kitty sketch dates back to last night, but today I sat on my balcony trying to capture some random lines and it looked horrible. I felt bad for my Stillman & Birn sketchbook page. I was almost apologized when I finally pulled the plug on the whole endeavor. It was BAD. I tried to loosen up toward the end but the damage had been done: it was all drawn in pen, and there was no going back. I was just left with a huge feeling of blah. The words of Danny, whispering "bad drawings are good drawings' grandparents" or something along those lines, were spinning in my head. 
But tomorrow will bring another shot at a little stolen sketch, and perhaps it will make me smile. 
And yes I do intend to post today's atrocity exhibition. So watch out. 


My Stillman & Birn Gamma Series has been my go-to sketchbook for all my latest sketches. One day, I will learn how to bind my own, but for now I'll stick with what I think is the best out there. Love the paper. 
And I am back at school.