My Stillman & Birn Gamma Series has been my go-to sketchbook for all my latest sketches. One day, I will learn how to bind my own, but for now I'll stick with what I think is the best out there. Love the paper. 
And I am back at school. 


Limner said...

What makes them so great? Remember: show and tell, not just tell, unless you tell WHY. Remember learning how to critique in art school? You cannot simply say you like something, you must say why you like it.

Thank you. :)

Madame Van Stone said...

Oh wow! I never went to art school -- but it is something I heard from my husband's Friday photo critique!!
So, here goes:
The thickness of the Stillman & Birn Gamma Series allows for light washes and is opaque enough to be used on both sides. The paper isn't white but "ivory" -- which is Moleskine-like. And while I love the smooth surface of a Moleskine page, a little bit of tooth is always welcome, and that's precisely what the Stillman & Birn paper provides.