Sometimes, or rather, often, I am unhappy with what comes out on my sketchbook. "Did I just do that?" Yep. I just did. Two pages of it, today. I switched from my fountain pen to my Faber-Castell Pitt pen, but that didn't yield much improvement. 
Last night, I did this. I have so many thoughts about the newest version of the Paper app by Fifty-Three, I wouldn't know where to start. But I am using it regardless. I think something has been lost but whatever. 


Les images 2 Renata said...

Hi France
I like it!
Specially the Playground drawing!
A pluss

Lane Smith said...

I like all three drawings. For the record, I've been enjoying your work on wagonized for a few months. It all inspires me to pick up a pencil and rediscover drawing (Oh, creativity. Where have you been hiding!). Thanks, Lane

Madame Van Stone said...

Lane, you've just made my day :-)
Thank you!

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