Peaches has not punctured an Aerobed® yet. She was lying on one last night and things went ok. 
On another note, I have drawn like crap today. This little kitty sketch dates back to last night, but today I sat on my balcony trying to capture some random lines and it looked horrible. I felt bad for my Stillman & Birn sketchbook page. I was almost apologized when I finally pulled the plug on the whole endeavor. It was BAD. I tried to loosen up toward the end but the damage had been done: it was all drawn in pen, and there was no going back. I was just left with a huge feeling of blah. The words of Danny, whispering "bad drawings are good drawings' grandparents" or something along those lines, were spinning in my head. 
But tomorrow will bring another shot at a little stolen sketch, and perhaps it will make me smile. 
And yes I do intend to post today's atrocity exhibition. So watch out. 


Alessandro Melillo said...

And I believe that all this digital sketching made you develop bad habits. That's mainly relying on undo feature.
There's no undo on paper, that's what makes us gain confidence with the medium.
Is that wrong?
It's from you that I learnt not to worry much about bad drawings, and to sketch without being frightened by putting my pen on paper.
Maybe you should just unplug for a while all your digital tools and grab a pen :-)

Madame Van Stone said...

I don't know, Alessandro, as I go back and forth between actual sketchbook and iPad... But you raise a good point: that undo feature. I make a point, when using Paper on the iPad, of committing to either using it or NOT using it. For instance, when I draw these birds you saw, I will use the undo feature as I would use an eraser with pencil. But the kitty sketch was quite different -- like most "loose" sketches I do on the iPad, I consciously do not rely on the undo feature.
I think I am simply perfectly capable of producing crap on a regular basis (!) -- regardless of digital tools. I feel the need to talk about it because it does not affect my confidence. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to perspective (two-point, etc) for instance!

MHBD said...

Most of us would envy your "bad" drawing days - I have many more years of daily practise before I can produce drawings as beautiful as yours - I struggle with drawing our long-haired cat, in particular. Do you have any tips?