I haven't been able to truly translate what the events of this past week in France have meant to me -- and I know I would inevitably end up with something tacky or redundant. It's hard. 


I can't think of something that epitomizes the French spirit quite like the first Citroën DS. I don't know if I miss "home" -- however nebulous this concept has become these past few years for me -- but I do miss a time when those were seen on the road... and Pompidou was president, and... Yeah ok. 

Pigma Micron 05 and watercolor in watercolor Moleskine. 


We sketched in Washington Square Park. My 6-year old daughter had brought her sketchbook too but opted to draw her new Matchbox car. About the dog sketches: my complete lack of knowledge of anything color-related doesn't deter me from adding oranges and browns to doodles that would have done just fine without them.
Pigma brush in Stillman & Birn sketchbook.
Paper app for the iPad.