It was an itch I had to address: I finally bought a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. My immediate impression is that it feels so much better on my lap, like a lap desk. When resting my wrist on it, it is akin to a little table. The surface seems gargantuan, which screams of possibilities. I have toyed a bit with Procreate, but I have tried mostly Paper. The most amazing feature is of course the Apple Pencil. I had used it a couple of times at the Apple Store and had instantly been blown away by the accuracy of its lines. It delivers on all its promises, and now I am sitting here wondering what I am going to do with my Pencil by Fifty-Three, which was the cat's meow for me until yesterday. 


Anonymous said...

This is quite beautiful. Hope to here more about your iPad Pro and new stylus and and how it compares to the previous iPad.

hamza said...

Hope that the new pad goes well on in the future. You did good to bring the i-pad because it is really kind of comfortable to use and portable as well. Looking forward to more drawings soon.

GG. said...

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