I think a lot of us are still grappling with the news of Flaf's passing. He was only 35 and he is leaving behind lessons for all of us to absorb. I was always blown away by his buildings and his cars. Dammit. 
I have been in a drawing funk since the flu last week and am forcing myself to stare at stuff and sketch. Even if it's a sucky little drawing of 10 minutes that makes me ashamed of myself. Last night, I gazed at the floor, and though I had promised myself I would go to bed before 11:00 PM, I couldn't without sketching something. So there it was, my winter pair of fuzzy Crocs that I do not dare wear outside lest I should be fined by the fashion police.


Anonymous said...

Some people leave without having done much to contribute to our wonderful world. What a legacy.

I've drawn my clogs--usually the right one--when I am desperate for a model, bored, in need of a kickstart, or am confined to bed. 99% of my Berds wear clogs.

Your drawing is Croc-cool.

Be well.

Unknown said...

If only my sketches would look as good as this one!

CUTIE said...

I do not dare wear outside.

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Unknown said...

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